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Heartbeats of a Killer​

For the past several weeks, Colorado Springs has been stalked by the Pikes Peak Killer. Young women are going missing, then showing up dead, their bodies raped and no longer whole. Detective Axel Frost is exhausted, frustrated, and out of leads when he gets help from an uninvited FBI agent. Agent Jaxson Locke arrives late in the investigation, bringing with him a profile lead that could upend the entire department. Pressured by the media, Frost knows he’s already out of time and utilizes Locke’s perspective at great risk, hoping to get to PPK before he can kill again.

The Secrets of Taylor Creek 
FBI Agent Jaxson Locke arrives in Beaufort, North Carolina to recover a rare car that belonged to another agent that disappeared. The only thing Agent Locke knows before his arrival to the small coastal town of Beaufort, North Carolina is that FBI Agent Nathan Emerson went there to conduct an unauthorized investigation. An investigation into the mysterious deaths of three young women in July of 1965. Agent Locke learns that during Agent Emerson’s investigation, innocent people were killed and Agent Emerson is still currently wanted for those murders. When Agent Locke arrives in Beaufort, he speaks to the only two witnesses still alive that know anything about Agent Emerson and the case that he was investigating. But they tell him nothing new. When Agent Locke searches Agent Emerson’s vehicle, he finds a journal that reveals that the two witnesses know more than they lead Agent Locke to believe. Agent Locke goes back to the witnesses wanting the truth, and they finally share with him the Secrets of Taylor Creek.  
Roses in the Sand​

Seven women, seven roses, and seven graves. All seven women have a story, and it’s up to Agent Jaxson Locke to discover why they were killed and who killed them. There are just a few problems. Jaxson is falling for Taylor Long, a beautiful woman who’s close to the investigation. Agent Locke must also work with a local detective, who doesn’t want the FBI profiler’s help.

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Chance Hardway, All or Nothing​

Chance Hardway is a debt collector, bounty hunter, assets-recovery specialist, and anything else needed—if the money is right. He’s a retired Green Beret, a former police officer, and a man who knows how to deal with difficulties his way, the Hardway.

Chance often finds himself helping innocent people who are in trouble with the wrong crowd. For one reason or another, they can’t call the police. In a place like Las Vegas, trouble comes in the form of dirty cops, the Russian Mafia, and violent street gangs. All of them are after Chance and Morgan, Chance’s girl, who has troubles of her own. Morgan has a dark secret that she’s keeping from the man she loves. When Morgan is wronged by the Russians, Chance prepares to set it right, and he’ll stop at nothing to get it done, even if it costs him his life.    

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Beach Escape 

Once her father was pronounced dead, Shelby Finn inherited a small fortune, a collectible coupe, and an old beach house in Florida. It was the perfect time to dump her cheating boyfriend and start a new life far away from Las Vegas.
Some people, who had known her felon of a father and wanted him dead, decided she was on the run with their money. They’d earned it, after all.
Truth be told, she was on the run. Shelby just didn’t know it yet.

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